10 Health and Fitness Supplement Affiliate Programs

Are you seeking for the greatest supplement programmes to join as a health, fitness, or lifestyle blogger?

Finding programmes that pay good rewards and convert effectively might be tough. Often, it’s a case of putting a wide range of offerings front of your audience and seeing what sticks.

I propose starting with one of these 10+ supplement schemes. This review is based on my own and other top marketers’ experiences.

Why Should Supplement Programs be Promoted?

One of the most profitable niches out there is vitamins. There’s a lot of money to be made this market, from attractive products to high commission rates.

The health niche (food, exercise, wellbeing, supplements, etc.) is evergreen, as Pardep Goyal points out. It’s one of those areas where, if done correctly, you’ll nearly always earn sales.

Some are available as monthly memberships, as you’ll see this review. Others are medications that you will always buy, resulting more recurring earning chances. However, be cautious when choosing which programs/products to promote (more on this later), as there is a lot of garbage on the market.

The 10 Best Affiliate Prorams for Supplements

Here are our top ten recommendations, but there are 11 more listed below with no -depth reviews — make sure to read them all!


A1 Supplements is a seasoned supplement maker in the sports and lifestyle market. They began as a small distributor in local gyms in 1999 and have since evolved to become one of the most prominent internet supplement firms in the world. Sports nutrition supplements, herbs, diets, vitamins, proteins, and sports equipment are among their offerings.

You can market A1 Supplements products through Shareasale or CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction), which are both excellent affiliate systems. Better still, these programmes offer a diverse range of products from many companies, so you are not limited to just one. They have a 10% commission rate, affiliate marketing materials, and a cookie lifespan of 30 days.

The commission fee is 10%.
30 day cookie duration


FanFuel is another affiliate programme designed specifically for you. One of the best things about them is that they make their own items, so you don’t have to worry about your earnings being shared with a third party. As a result, they may offer commission rates of up to 40%, which is extremely outstanding. Supplements for weight loss, skincare, and muscle gain are among the things they make.

And there’s more. Their cookie has a 90-day shelf life. You virtually have a certainty that the buyer will sell within this time frame. Even better, every customer you successfully suggest earns you ongoing commissions.

In addition to reasonable pricing, FanFuel provides affiliate marketers with marketing tools such as pictures, banners, CTAs, tracking, translation, and anything else they could need to succeed. Special requests can even be made through your affiliate manager.

While they prefer affiliate marketers with some experience, if you have just started your website and are getting some traffic, you may still get authorised.

The commission rate is 40-60%.
90-day cookie length


Vitagene isn’t like other supplement companies. They use DNA tests to determine the best diet, exercise, and even skincare procedures for a certain person. Their testing can also assist establish which nutrients your body may be lacking and propose the best supplements for you. Curious about your ancestry? Vitagene also provides a comprehensive ancestry report.

Food sensitivity, sleep and stress, and thyroid tests were recently included.

CJ Affiliates manages Vitagene’s affiliate programme, which pays out 10% commission and has a 30-day cookie period. Making a minimum of $10 each transaction isn’t bad considering their cheapest package is around $100. The rates are boosted to 12 percent if you’re a CJ recognised content publisher. In addition, as previously indicated, CJ Affiliate offers a variety of other items to help you diversify your revenue.

The commission fee is 10%.
30 day cookie duration


Onnit promises a comprehensive range of goods to boost all-around performance, backed by well-known celebrities including podcaster Joe Rogan, Tim Kennedy, and Michelle Watson. On their website, they sell fitness supplements, brain supplements, food, fitness equipment, and personal care things.

Additionally, their commission rates are pretty impressive. While several of the programmes I’ve recommended only provide 10% off, Onnit offers 18% off vitamins, 10% off meals, and 5% off equipment. You’ll also gain as an affiliate marketer from their automated retargeting tool, which sends relevant advertising to consumers and potential customers who visited the website within 60 days after the original visit.

You can be elevated to Alpha status after driving a lot of traffic and sales to their site. This is the stage where you’ll be able to earn more commissions, create personalised landing pages, and even test and evaluate samples.

18% commission on supplements, 10% commission on food, and 5% commission on workout equipment

45-day cookie duration


The advertising of high-ticket products is one of the most popular affiliate marketing models. Seed’s product isn’t exactly high-ticket, but its high commission rate makes it one of the most profitable programmes on the list.

Seed is a group of scientists, innovators, doctors, storytellers, and thinkers who believe that microorganisms may be used to improve health and performance. They now only provide one supplement, the DS-01 Daily Synbiotic, which contains 24 probiotic and prebiotic strains. Gut health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, dermatological health, and micronutrient synthesis are all benefits of this product. It’s also available as a $49.99 monthly subscription.

Dr. Gregor Reid, their main scientist and the guy behind their product, led the United Nations – World Health Organization Expert Panel on Probiotics in 2001, adding to their reputation.

Seed’s affiliate programme is powered by ShareASale, and you can join as a partner influencer and earn 100% commission or as an affiliate and earn 25% commission.

Affiliate commission rate is 25%, while partner influencer commission is 100%.
30 day cookie duration

6- GNC

GNC is another supplement firm that offers a wide selection of fitness and health items. Vitamins, supplements, herbs, proteins, digestion aids, cosmetics, equipment, and accessories are among the items available. With a history dating back to 1935, it’s clear that they’ve been doing something right.

GNC has teamed up with CJ Affiliates to provide affiliate marketers with a method to make money. You’ll earn 5% of every sale if you promote GNC’s. You can also use their banners and logos, which may have a higher conversion rate than creating your own designs.

The commission fee is 5%.
7-day cookie duration


You can promote Bodybuilding.com’s items on your website, YouTube channel, or social media account if you’ve niched down to bodybuilding. Proteins for muscle building, performance boosters, weight management, clothing, accessories, and workout regimens are among their offerings.

You can also join their BODYFIT programme as an affiliate, which is a monthly membership service that includes thorough material and training routines. Impact has an affiliate programme that pays 8% commission to new customers.

You’ll earn a 3% commission if the buyer returns to the site and purchases through your link. You will only earn 2% if you run a coupon-only website. Although the commissions for discount sites and repeat shoppers are tiny, they are better than nothing. Unfortunately, their affiliate programme is currently closed to new applications, but keep monitoring this page and their website for updates.

The commission fee ranges from 2% to 8%.
7-day cookie duration


Persona, formerly known as Vitamin Packs, is a major supplement company that provides customers with individualised nutrition supplements based on their health, current medications, scientific studies, and lifestyle. The user registers on the website, provides their information, and then subscribes to a monthly supply of supplements following an analysis.

What does this mean for affiliate marketers? You may earn 25% for each verified subscriber by promoting Vitamin Packs. It’s unclear whether you’ll continue to if the buyer you referred keeps their subscription, but your affiliate manager can provide further information.

Cookie duration – 30 days Commission rate – 25% per subscription


MarketHealth is a health and beauty affiliate marketing network that allows you to advertise a variety of products. You’ll get access to over 200 offers in the sports nutrition, skincare, beauty, and gut health supplements areas once you’ve been accepted for this programme.

The commission rates on subscription offerings can be as high as 50%, and you get regular payments. They also give banner ads, landing pages, and an affiliate manager to assist you in increasing your conversion rates.

Rate of commission – up to 50%
30 day cookie duration


If you’re a novice or want to supplement your affiliate marketing revenue, Amazon Associates is one of the top supplements affiliate programmes to look into. The variety of things available on Amazon is something I appreciate. The majority of supplements for weight loss, muscle gain, and pet supplements are available on this site.

It’s also simple to join Amazon Associates. Simply sign up, receive the product links, and make at least three sales within 180 days. How difficult could it be?

The reason some affiliate marketers dislike Amazon is because their commission rates are too low. For a start, 1% would be ideal as you increase traffic, but you’ll need a larger commission rate to make a significant profit.

Another problem is the cookie period, which is only 24 hours long. Given that some programmes’ cookies can live up to 30 days, this is rather short. If it’s any consolation, you’ll still get a commission if the consumer visits Amazon and purchases an entirely different product than the one you recommended during the cookie time.

Commission charges are 1%.
24 hour cookie duration


Here are some additional networks to look into:

PureFormulas Herbspro Life Extension Stack Labs Ritual Performance Lab Care
EVitamins MegaFood HealthTrader from The Vitamin Shoppe

What to Look For in Supplement Affiliate Programs

There are just too many affiliate programmes to choose from, making it tough to select the best.

When choosing the ideal supplements affiliate programme for your audience, consider the following factors:

Product Integrity – In affiliate marketing, product quality is crucial. Don’t advocate products just on the basis of rumour. Conduct extensive research and, if possible, test the products. Promote products that you would recommend to friends and family.

Reputation on the Internet See what other people have to say about the show. Do they compensate you? When are they going to pay? What policies do they have? Are their offerings effective? Remember that you must participate in order for the offers to convert.

What are the desires of your website visitors? If you’re looking for an affiliate network, it’s likely that you already have a following and want to monetize it. So, start by looking at their favourite products and the affiliate programmes associated with them. If you don’t have an audience yet, look at your direct competitors to see what their audience likes.

Cookie Duration – If a consumer doesn’t buy on their first visit, you’ll need the cookie to last for a while so they may return. Although some affiliate networks offer cookie lifetimes of up to 45 days, cookie durations of 7 to 30 days are still ideal.

Check to see what kind of support the network offers. To begin with, an affiliate manager is required for the on boarding process. It would also be fantastic if they provided marketing materials like banners, landers, and modifications.

Commission Structure – The commission rates will influence the network’s profitability. You wouldn’t want to send thousands or millions of people to a website just to make a few bucks. To maximise your chances, you could join several networks and promote products with different commission rates and average order values. Affiliate programmes with high ticket values are always the best.


Because there are so many different supplements and other health-related items, it might be difficult to promote them.

As a result, persuading buyers is becoming increasingly difficult. You can succeed in this niche if you can establish your credibility, choose a few goods that you believe in, and develop excellent content. And, as I’ve shown, there are a plethora of legitimate affiliate programmes with acceptable commision rates and high-quality products.

Finally, for more amazing offers to try with your audience, here are some top-earning fitness affiliate programmes and health and wellness affiliate programmes.Protected by Copyscape