How To Make Money Online As A Teenager in 2022

In this article we will go over How To Make Money Online As A Teenager in 2022, with 10 tips to help you. for teenagers are no longer limited to bagging groceries, cutting lawns, and babysitting. You can now make money online by creating a business, doing a side hustle on your own time, or even launching a career in freelancing.

So, what are the top internet for teenagers right now? You’re about to learn.

In 2022, you can locate for teenagers without leaving your house—or even your room.

If you’re wondering how to generate money as a teen without leaving your house, know that not all internet for teens are created equal.

Some of the finest for teenagers provide flexibility, teach you a useful transferrable skill or two, and pay well! So, let’s have a look at the top for teenagers.

How much money can a teenager make online?

The majority of internet jobs available to youngsters do not pay well. As a result, in order for them to be lucrative, they will almost certainly take more of your time.

However, the key to earning more as a teen is to use more than one strategy to make money online.

So, while each of these chances will not pay much on its own, when joined with another two or three, teenagers can truly make significant money online!

Just remember that every money you make is money you didn’t have before. As a result, every penny earned means more money in your pocket!

How do teenagers get paid online?

As a teen, you will most likely be compensated via gift cards or direct bank transfer.

Please keep in mind that many ways to generate money online require a Paypal account in order to be paid. In order to open a Paypal account, you must be “a resident of the United States or one of its territories and at least 18 years old,” according to the Paypal User Agreement.

So, if you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need to utilise a parent or guardian’s Paypal account, or get paid with a gift card or, in some situations, a bank transfer.

Legit for Teens

Here are 10 Ways To Make Money Online As A Teenager

1 – Get Paid to Fill Out Online Surveys
Want to make your voice known while still earning money? There are numerous paid online survey sites that respect your feedback..

You would be assisting businesses in making their products and services more appealing by completing surveys.

You won’t get rich from your profits, but you can do it throughout your high school breaks. Every month, you may earn enough money to buy a gallon of gas or a video game for your Xbox or PlayStation 5.

Try these survey websites:

Every day, SwagBucks (ages 13+) offers tens of thousands of paid survey opportunities. It is one of the largest and most trustworthy platforms available.

Plus, just for signing up, you’ll receive a free $20 credit or gift card!

2 – Survey Junkie
Age Requirement: 13 or older (unless in California), at least 16 years old (California residents)

Payment Options: e-Giftcards, Paypal accounts (must be over the age of 18), and direct bank transfers

Companies and businesses of all sizes require consumer input on ideas, products, and services in order to make better consumer-friendly decisions and effectively promote.

Survey Junkie connects you with thousands of these companies, all of whom want your honest feedback in exchange for cash and gift cards.

The surveys on Survey Junkie range in length from two to twenty minutes. You may also be requested to participate in focus groups, in which a small group of survey respondents shares their ideas.

To be truly successful and receive access to a large number of surveys, you must first set up your profile and properly complete the profile questionnaires. The information you provide will be used to determine your suitability for each survey.

3 – Get Paid to Review Music (Really!)
Do you enjoy listening to music and posting reviews online? You’ll enjoy your teen job. Sites such as Slice The Pie pay consumers to review songs, ads, clothing, and other items. Your feedback assists brands, record labels, and musicians in shaping their products before they go public.

You are compensated based on the quality of your review and your star rating on the site. You’ll receive your money through your PayPal account, and you’ll be able to pay out once your account hits $10.

4 – Using Steam to Play Games
13 years of age or older is required.
Payment options include Steam Wallet and direct bank transactions.

Steam is a digital game distribution platform with over 150 million users across the world. Steam users can access roughly 30,000 games directly from their Mac or PC. Steam is distributed by some of the largest brands in the gaming business, including:

Valve (creators of Steam)
Xbox Game Studios

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are among the most popular titles on Steam.

You may also earn Steam Wallet money for use in the Steam Market or by producing and selling your own game on Steam!

5 – Data Entry
This isn’t going to be interesting, but if you’re 18 or older, you can find flexible data entry employment that pays well.

Data entry work is simple. It necessitates an Internet connection, the capacity to type swiftly and accurately, and a comfortable working environment. This is an excellent summer opportunity for a young college or high school student.

6 – Online Tutoring Position
Tutoring jobs are among the greatest internet careers for teenagers.

If you’re an excellent student in English, physics, mathematics, or another fundamental subject, you could find a teaching job that pays significantly more than survey sites—and you could still on your own time.

You no longer have to instruct strangers in libraries or coffee shops. Through this remote work, you can communicate with your clients via email or social media.

For beginners, try Alternatively, you might use social media to reach out to your friends and neighbourhood to see if you can provide individual coaching. Private teaching gigs are frequently more lucrative! Having tutoring experience as a teen is also beneficial if you wish to tutor college students later in life.

7 – Games for Live Streaming
According to Statista, 944 million individuals watched gaming video material, and I’m sure there were a lot of teenagers among them.

Just think about that statistic for a second: 944 million…

It’s incomprehensible!

And what games do they observe people playing?

So, based on the number of hours watched, Business Insider developed a list of the top ten games. They are as follows:

2.69 million hours of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
26.6 million hours of FIFA 20
Apex Legends has 26.68 million hours of gameplay.
30 million hours of Dota 2
36 million hours of World of Warcraft
Grand Theft Auto V has 36.89 million hours of gameplay.
44.77 million hours of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
68.4 million hours of “Just Conversing” (streamers chatting with followers).
79.1 million hours of Fortnite
125.65 million hours of League of Legends!!!

Although you are not required to live stream these games, if you want to establish a following on any live streaming platform, these games certainly have the most admirers.

It takes time to get started with video game live streaming, but it can be an amazingly enjoyable and profitable way to make money online as a teen.

However, before you begin, you must pick which platform you will utilise for streaming.

8 – Gaming on YouTube
Age Requirement: You must be at least 13 years old.

Payment methods include advertisements, , channel memberships, contributions, and brand sponsorships.

Youtube Gaming is so popular that it needs its own section.

In fact, two of the top five YouTube channels with the most subscribers are dedicated to video game material.

I believe we’ve all heard of PewDiePie…

What’s fantastic about using YouTube as your streaming channel is that millions of people visit it every day to watch videos of various kinds.

That implies you have a high chance of attracting some of these viewers with Youtube Gaming.

9 – Blogging
Blogging is one of the best ways for anyone, especially teenagers, to generate money online!

The best part about blogging is that you can write about whichever topic(s) you like. You also have the option of earning money by blogging in a variety of methods, such as:

(recommending items or services in exchange for a commision)

Digital goods (printables, ebooks, etc.)
Providing services (coaching, tutoring, etc.)
Showcase advertisements
Sponsorships for brands and more!

Your blog can be anything you want it to be. It is up to you to develop and earn money in whatever way you see fit.

As a teenager, you will need the assistance of your parents and/or guardians if you are under the age of 18. This is due to the fact that you will need to acquire a domain name and hosting for your site, which will necessitate the usage of a credit card or Paypal account.

Bluehost is the finest site to get your domain name and hosting, where you can receive a free domain and hosting for as little as $3.95 per month. This is a fantastic deal, believe me.

Although blogging, like almost all online money-making concepts, is not a get-rich-quick scheme, the effort you put in will pay off in the near future. You simply need to communicate with your target audience, give them with interesting articles, and keep going!

10 – Buy and Sell Domains
A good domain is an important aspect of beginning a successful internet business, and many individuals are willing to spend a hefty sum to secure the domain of their dreams. It is possible to profit from this by purchasing domains at a low cost that you believe will be worth more later on. The issue is that it may take some time to sell a domain you purchase, so patience is essential.

What’s the advantage? There are no age restrictions when purchasing domains. So any child or adolescent can do it!


Learning how to make money online for kids is an excellent method for young people to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit while also earning extra money. Be inventive! There are plenty alternative ways to get money without leaving your house.