How To Make Money Online Reading Books in 10 Ways

this article we look at How To Make Money Online Reading Books. How would you like to be compensated for your honest views on the books you read? Writing book reviews is one of the most prevalent ways to earn money from reading books, and there are a range of services available for both novice and seasoned reviewers to earn money from freelancing book reviews. You may achieve this by using some of the greatest book applications and book summary websites on the market.

Reviewers are given a freshly published book to read and submit their thoughts on. Their feedback will assist other readers deciding whether or not to read the book.

10 Best Ways to Make Money Reading Books

1 – Book Club Online
Online Book Club is a free website that provides a wealth of resources for book enthusiasts, including original book reviews written by the organization’s professional team of book reviewers. Reviewers are compensated cash for submitting high-quality reviews, and they can earn anywhere from $5 to $30 every book reviewed.

2 – ACX 
Payment: An experienced narrator can expect to earn $150 to $250 per hour, or you can choose for a royalty split (means whenever the book is purchased you get 50 percent of it)
Recording book mode (Audiobook)

ACX is a platform for recording books and getting compensated for them. The books are divided into genres and are available on audible, amazon, and iTunes. All you have to do is create your profile, post a few samples, and audition for the book you want to narrate. You must record the manuscript a few minutes for this. If your voice is approved, you will receive an offer and can begin recording the book and earning money.

3 – Reedsy Discovery
Book lovers can also earn money by reviewing books for Reedsy Discovery. Members sign up to be the first to read self-published books, but they are not paid per review. Instead, those who read and enjoy their book reviews tip them $1, $3, or $5.

A book reviewer with a good reputation among Reedsy users may be contacted directly by writers to review their books, and their may add up to a great sum.

4 – Writerful Books
Experienced book reviewers can apply to Writerful Books for paid reviews of current fiction. A Writerful Books reviewer’s typical ranges from $10 to $50 every book reviewed, but top reviewers can earn $100 Amazon gift cards.

Not bad for reading a book and providing an honest evaluation. Writerful Books is picky and prefers individuals who have published reviews, so have some past book review examples on hand.

5 – Lola’s Blog Tours
Lola’s Blog Tours promotes books on numerous websites and blogs, but it also seeks reviews of the books it features. Readers can keep an eye out for review opportunities and request a complimentary review copy. The website seeks experienced book reviewers, bloggers, and bookstagrammers.

6 – Bethany House
Bethany House is a Christian book publisher owned by the Baker Publishing Group. The organisation seeks reviewers who have a presence, such as a blog or social media platform, that may assist its authors promoting their works, and it provides free copies to accepted applicants.

7 – Bookshout
Bookshout is an app that assists users in setting reading goals and tracking their progress. When readers reach their goals, they are rewarded with Bookshout dollars, which can be redeemed for free e-books.

8 – Women’s Review of Books
A feminist book review website that is also available in print. You must first pitch reviews to the editor. The pay is said to be roughly $100 per review.
Books by Authors
It rewards top reviewers with $100 Amazon gift cards and pays between $10 and $50 for standard reviews. Writerful is mostly interested in contemporary fiction reviews.

It stands to reason that Amazon would provide opportunities to earn money by reading books. After all, the global market began as an online bookstore. Amazon is one of the world’s most prominent book shops, and it provides numerous opportunities to earn extra money from books.

9 – Amazon Vine
If you’re an experienced reviewer, Amazon Vine may pay you to read. The invitation-only hires reviewers to express their thoughts on new and pre-release items, assisting Amazon customers in making educated purchasing decisions.

Amazon asks consumers who consistently submit reviews on its website to join its Vine Voices programme, and in exchange for their feedback, the corporation delivers free gifts to each chosen book reviewer.

10 – Amazon Bookseller
What is a book enthusiast to do once they’ve completed reading what seems like an endless number of titles? While many avid readers may prefer to stock their personal libraries, they can also make money by selling used books on Amazon.

Amazon booksellers have access to all of the handy selling tools that the eCommerce giant provides to all of its sellers, and sellers can earn a consistent if they have a consistent supply of books to sell.

How much money can you make by reading?

Depending on the chances they seek, avid book readers can earn anything from a few bucks to a full-time wage from reading books. For example, an expert book reviewer may earn anywhere from $10 to $100 for reviewing books, depending on the book.

A full-time book editor in the publishing industry, on the other hand, may earn tens of thousands of dollars per year. In either scenario, the more books you read as part of your job, the more money you can make.Protected by Copyscape