14 Legitimate Ways to Make Money on the Internet

In this article we will discuss 14 legitimate on the internet. We’ve seen a complete shift in how people choose to make a living over the last two decades. If you want to generate , here are a slew of terrific suggestions to get you started.

I decided to give it a try after learning that there are numerous legitimate . Since then, I’ve made thousands of dollars per year while working from home. And getting started isn’t as difficult as you would imagine.

Some online money-making strategies pay out more than others, so pick the ones that best fit your lifestyle. Here are some suggestions and resources for learning generate money online for free.

1 – Work as a proof reader.

Proofreaders assist authors, bloggers, and even court reporters in ensuring that their work is error-free and grammatically correct. After the author and editor have completed their work, a proofreader’s function is to be an extra set of eyes. They comb through the information for any errors that may have gone unnoticed previously. A freelance proofreader with a small client list can expect to earn several hundred to several thousand dollars each month working in their leisure time.

Tori Gellino, a DollarSprout reader and frequent side hustler, moonlights as a virtual proofreader and earns an average of $1,200 per month. She recently discussed her greatest suggestions for establishing a stable of 5 to 10 dependable clients, as well as the training she went through before onboarding them.

2 – Convert audio files to text

The three most prevalent types of transcription employment are legal, medical, and general. Companies in the medical or legal fields may demand you to have some expertise or understanding in such fields. You’ll listen to audio files and transcribe them into written text as a transcriptionist. Pay varies depending on the sector and expertise level. If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to work as a transcriptionist and get started, check out our free 7-day course.

3 – Run a virtual course

Today, digital courses are one of the most popular ways to earn money online. Outschool is a teacher-recruiting website dedicated to assisting online course developers in monetizing their expertise. It offers classes on everything from architecture to yoga to Pokémon characters. According to the website, the typical teacher pays $40 per hour, and Outschool does not require any prior teaching experience.

4 – Offer your unused internet connection for sale.

It may sound strange, but bear with me. Honeygain, for example, will acquire your excess data and internet resources in order to power their Content Delivery services for the Fortune 500 firms with whom they collaborate. Your machine joins a bigger “hive” of computers and internet connections that assist in the network’s operation.

Honeygain believes that installing the software on two devices and sharing roughly 5 GB per day will earn the average user $45 per month in passive revenue.

You may have some additional bandwidth to donate if you have an unlimited data mobile plan, cable, fibre, or DSL. Even better, when new users register online, they will receive a free $5 gift.

5 – Finds on Facebook Marketplace

On Instagram, I enjoy following furniture flipping accounts like Whitney Hansen’s Unsophisticated DIY. The primary takeaway from these experiences is that not all flips necessitate significant effort. If you can discover good enough discounts, you can buy anything and sell it for a profit in less than a week. Apart from furniture, look for other goods that can be sold quickly, such as clothing with tags, antiques, and vintage collectibles such as baseball cards or gaming consoles.

Professional flippers like Rob and Melissa of Flea Market Flipper, who make over $100,000 per year flipping yard sale hauls, teach individuals get the most value out of the high-margin products they find.

6 – English as a second language instruction

I can honestly state that as a former VIPKid teacher, it is a legitimate way to earn money online. VIPKid employs native English speakers to instruct youngsters, the majority of whom are from China. Your compensation is determined by your teaching experience and performance in the demo interview. I had no experience when I started working for the company and made $1,500 to $2,000 per month teaching part-time.

7 – Exchange obsolete phones or outdated technology.

Even after upgrading to a newer model, I had a habit of keeping all of my old laptops and cell phones. That changed when I discovered Buyback Boss and similar sites for outdated equipment.

I recently received $60 for trading in my two-year-old iPhone 7 that had been sitting in my closet. Buyback Boss provides a fast quote and guarantees the best price. Send it your quote if you discover a better offer on another site, and it will match it, no questions asked.

8 – Show entrepreneurs use Asana.

Many small and large businesses struggle to organise and manage projects and teams, which is where project management software such as Asana can come in handy. As an Asana consultant, you’ll assist business owners with team setup, project optimisation, and training on Asana best practises.

You can apply to become an Asana Certified Pro after your first year of advising with businesses. You’ll be included on Asana’s Certified Pros website, making it easier for clients in your area to identify and work with you, and you’ll receive in-depth training.

9 – Take care of business Facebook ads

Allowing firms to advertise their products and services in users’ news feeds is one of the ways Facebook makes money. The majority of small business owners are unaware of the importance of running Facebook advertisements for their company. You can make $1,000 to $2,000 per month for each client you book if you learn to articulate the value of ads in reaching new clients and boosting brand awareness.

Allow businesses to advertise on your phone.

Companies might use advertisements to reach out to new customers. Allowing corporations to use your stuff as a billboard might earn you money from home because greater brand exposure often means more cash. Wrapify and Carvertise are two sites that pay to post adverts on your car, while Slidejoy and similar apps rent ad space on your phone’s lock screen.

11 – Create and self-publish an eBook

New authors are increasingly turning to self-publishing. You can utilise your blog or personal website to sell your book if you already have one. Self-publishing using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing appears to be the most popular way. You can upload your book directly to your Amazon KDP account once you’ve written and formatted it. Find out create, publish, and sell an eBook.

12 – Sell your creations on Etsy

Users have sold anything from handmade knitwear and recycled jewellery to budget printouts and home organisation binders on Etsy, which is known for its assortment of handcrafted and vintage things. Whatever your skill, there’s a chance you may sell your crafts online and make some extra money.

13 – Work as a voice-over actor

Professional audio work, such as games, advertising, and cartoons, requires voice-over artists. This could be a simple method to generate money online if you have a radio voice. Voice-over work can be found on freelance sites like Fiverr or specialist sites like Voices.com.

14 – Create and market T-shirts

You can make money designing and your own T-shirts online if you’re creative or can come up with catchy sayings. Teespring, Bonfire, and Printify are all sites that allow you to design and sell custom shirts without having to pay anything up front or keep inventory. You construct your own storefront, similar to dropshipping, with your own designs.

When a customer orders something, the site creates it and ships it on your behalf. To generate money online with this notion, you’ll still need to promote your business, so having an online following, whether on Instagram, YouTube, or another social media platform, is beneficial.


Make a budget for your extra cash in advance.

It’s fantastic to make extra money online or from home. If your goal is to get out of a tight financial situation, you’ll end yourself in the same situation if you don’t have a plan for your money before it arrives. A monthly budget or spending plan can be beneficial.

Write down any constant sources of income, such as a full-time salary, child support, or any other monthly income. Then include your side hustle earnings as a distinct line item. Make a lower estimate than you think you’ll be able to make so you don’t go over budget. Once you have your income, decide how much to save, invest, pay off debt, and spend until every dollar has been accounted for.

It’s often said that you manage what you measure. If you’re going to make money online in your spare time, keeping track of where that money goes will ensure that the work is worthwhile.