How To Make Money Online Coding – 10 Ways To Make Money

In this article, I will show you Coding. You can earn a decent income while learning to code. You can make a good living while learning to code. Many people begin learning to code in the hopes of eventually landing well-paying programming employment. But what if you could learn coding while being a beginner? Is it possible to be compensated for learning to code?

Because free coding materials will only get you so far, it’s critical to supplement them with commercial ones. Typically, the free pieces serve as an introduction. A paid course has the advantage of going into further detail. They will take you past the novice level and help you progress faster.

1 – Participate in a Coding Community ( or In Person)
Community, community, and then some. I cannot emphasise this more. Learning to code is difficult, and the best way to overcome obstacles is with the help of others. Knowing those who are going through similar challenges (or have previously overcome them) makes it 100 times easier.

Find a few people or a group to connect with. This could also lead to connections for entry-level programming jobs!

One of my favourite internet communities is Chingu. It is a tiny, dedicated group that grew out of the freeCodeCamp community. After completing a placement survey, you will be included to an cohort of people with comparable skill levels.

2 – Coding Contests
There are numerous websites that host free coding competitions and allow you to earn .

If you are an expert in any programming language, you should begin engaging in coding competitions to test your abilities. The following are the best websites for coding competitions:

TopCoder \sHackerRank \sCodeChef \sCodewars \sLeetCode \sCoderbyte

3 – Create Mobile Apps
You can create mobile applications and distribute them through various marketplaces such as the Google Play Store, Apple Store, and so on. You may earn a lot of by putting adverts into your mobile app. Google’s Admob is the most popular ad firm that you can use.

Create a decent mobile app for Android or iPhone and post it to any marketplace. Once you have several users, you will earn when they view advertising on your app.

4 – Create a Game
Because of new smartphone technologies and mobile games, gaming has become a multibillion-dollar industry. You may use a game engine to create a 2D or 3D game and then display adverts on it with Admob or Unity Ads.

Play Store by Unity Apple Store Steam

5 – Create a Website Theme
Front end development is something that every web developer is familiar with. Do you know you can create website themes and sell them for a profit? Many individuals all over the world require your themes for their websites. I’ve listed some of the best websites for selling website themes below.

Forest of Themes
Creative Market BuyStockDesign
Design Cuts on Mojo Marketplace

6 – Bug Bounty Hunter
Bug Bounty Hunters seek find problems in the code of large websites and software and report them to the developers of the particular software or websites, who pay them. Bug bounty hunters can earn up to $3,650 for a single mistake. I’ve listed a few websites to help you get started as a bug bounty hunter.

HackerOne \sBugcrowd \sFederacy \sWhiteHub

7 – Learn Python Development
While most people reading this might believe this is about snakes, you and I both know that being a Python coder is one of the highest-paying careers today.

As a developer, someone with advanced Python skills can earn up to $100,000 per year.

So, what are you waiting for if this is you? Get out there and start making money!

8 – Become A Data Analyst
Several organisations, including Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Bloomberg, are constantly looking for AI and data analysts with Python knowledge to assist them sort through large amounts of data.

When performing such jobs, Python packages such as Scipy and Pandas come in helpful.

9 – Answer Programming Problems
Many pupils are having difficulty with programming questions. If you are an expert in any programming language, you can assist a student in their studies in exchange for a reasonable fee.

10 – Participate in Data Journalism
People enjoy hearing stories. And what if you can tell a good story that is supported by data and statistics?

My friend, it’s a gold mine.

Python programming experts are in high demand. You can sift through massive volumes of data, evaluate it, and visualise the results.

It’s no surprise that we need more data journalists in a future where news moves at the same rate as voice.

Some Python software libraries include pandas, which can be used to sort and process data as well as find trends; matplotlib, which can be used to make charts; and BeautifulSoup, which is designed for screen scraping.

Create a Habit of Coding

Habits are difficult to form and even more difficult to break. What if you could turn coding into a habit that you’d never want to break? Consider where it will lead you and the discipline you will need to code for in the future.

The greatest method to establish a new habit is to do it every day. Do it even if it is only for five minutes a day. It’ll be worthwhile. When you’re ready to start earning from programming, you’ll be used to sitting down every day to spend time in a code editor.


If you have programming talents, don’t waste time hanging around waiting for a job letter. Why not start earning right away using the methods I’ve mentioned? Until then, keep earning!